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Our pasts do not define us, live in the NOW!

~ Tia S. Miller

Innovator. Educator. Entrepreneur. 

National Pandemic Pod Expert

'the Pod Matchmaker'

As featured on NBC, CBS, FOX & WNPR



Greetings! I'm Tia.

I am a mom, innovator, educator, entrepreneur and National Pandemic Pod Expert/Matchmaker. I have been an educator for over twenty years and have taught students from preschool to college. I am also a Teacherpreneur! I  teach educators and innovators how to start a business and make their first sale in 30 days or less! I can teach you the steps on how to start your business or side gig effectively while teaching or working your full-time job. I've done it countless times. I can help you too!



In 2007, I became a mother for the first time. I realized there were days I needed a break; just a few hours to myself to go shopping, work out at the gym, etc. I took a year long course at a local University's Entrepreneurial Center and opened my first business in June 2009. I saw a need for parents; short-time child care, and started Connecticut's FIRST hourly drop-in child care center. Business was going well and I left my full-time teaching job for the first time in 2010.


In Summer 2010, my second son was born. Sadly, he was diagnosed with a rare pediatric Cancer and ultimately succumbed to his illness. Shortly after, I went back to full-time teaching and closed my child care business. 

I am an innovator ; when I see a problem, I find a solution, hence the reasons why my businesses are often 'the first'. I also enjoy being an entrepreneur and working with students. I left teaching again in August 2019 and started working for myself as a youth and educational consultant. Then Covid-19 hit, I was let go from several contracts and soon I started student pandemic pods on August 1 2020. I again saw a need for families and started the FIRST pandemic pod service company in my area.

Since then I’ve been featured on NBC, FOX, CBS, WNPR , news articles, local and national television. I want to share with moms, educators and innovators that you can take that leap of faith too. Failure teaching us to keep going and live in the NOW!

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